In the course of time, the Museum has been endowed from acquisitions, donations but, most of all, due to the research activity in the Museum, whose results were published in the Review Travaux du Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle “Grigore Antipa”.

This review is edited by the Museum and based on it international inter-library exchanges are performed, while enriching in this way very much and continuously the library book fund..

The first issue of the Museum review, Travaux du Museum d’Histoire Naturelle “Gr. Antipa”, was published in 1957. This was a substantial volume of more than 375 pages including the contributions of the most important specialists in zoology at that time. Since then Travaux has been issued without any interruption, with its cover being only very slightly modified.
The museum review contains articles of scientific value, in the field of zoology and ecology, and also important contributions in the field of museology. Each issue includes also works of reputed scientists from other countries, such as United States, Hungary or India.
The review Travaux is worldwide known, each issue being sent to 157 similar institutions. Among these, we may specify museums, research institutes and universities from various European states (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Switzerland, Finland etc.) and also from other continents, among which we recall South Africa, Australia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Canada, Japan, New Zeeland, United States of America or Thailand.

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