Permanent exhibition

The Black Sea Diorama


The first hall is dedicated to the Black Sea, presenting informative materials and a few representative fluid specimens of invertebrates from the Black Sea.

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Stag attacked by wolves


The Carpathian stag is an important species of the ecosystems of the continental bioregion, not only because it is a large, impressive animal, but also because of its cynegetic importance.

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Black Sea seal


This diorama is dedicated to an extraordinary species, the monk seal, the only seal discovered in the past in the Black Sea, on the Romanian shore.

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The Alpine bioregion


The transition between the lower region of the alpine floor, with beech and spruce vegetation to the higher regions, passing through pure spruce regions to the mountain pine bushes and the alpine meadows with rhododendron, mountain flower etc.

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Cold Arctic seas diorama


The cold Arctic seas diorama presents several bird species of the sea parrot family, a few fish, as well as sea lions, the polar bear and a seal species.

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Atlantic Indo Pacific


A diorama is dedicated to the Atlantic marine bioregion. It comprises the temperate and warm climates of the Atlantic Ocean. Some of these species are spread in the other bioregion, (the Indo-Pacific one), the so called pan-tropical species.

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The Malaysian fauna – the Pheasant


In the “Malaysian fauna” diorama, animals that are typical for the Indonesian archipelago and south-east Asia such as: the Indian tapir, the orangutan, the Argus pheasant, the Indian python, the gibbon species, flying lemur, the black panther.

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Bird of Paradise


They are not migrating birds. The birds of paradise from the species Paradisea raggiana are polygamous and they have a very pronounced sexual dimorphism. The male has a beautiful and elaborated plumage, with ornamental feathers highly modified.

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Humpback Whale


It is one of the largest species of contemporary whales, the adults reaching lengths of 12-16 meters and weights of 36 tons.

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The giant clam


The giant clam lives in the shallow waters of the Southern Pacific Ocean and of the Indian Ocean. Tridacna gigas is the most endangered species of marine clams.

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