Bird of Paradise

Raggiana Bird-of-paradise
Paradisaea raggiana augustavictoriae Cabanis, 1888

There are 43 species of birds-of-paradise, that are endemic in the afforested regions of New Guinea, Molucce islands and northern Australia.

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They are not migratory. The birds-of-paradise from Paradisea raggiana species are polygamous and show a pronounced sexual dimorphism. The male has an elaborated and nicely coloured plumage, with ornamental feathers that are strongly modified. Females have a dark colored plumage.


During the mating period the males defend a well-defined territory, usually in trees, called arena or lek, where the nuptial parade is performed, during which they show their splendid colored plumage accompanied by cries and vibrations that draw the females’ attention. After mating females build the nest and care for their chicks by themselves. Usually, there are two eggs in a mate. They feed themselves with fruit, seeds, arthropods, molluscs etc.

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