“Grigore Antipa” National Museum of Natural History is an institution with an extended tradition of scientific research. Specialists from the Museum have participated in numerous research programs, both in this country and abroad.

The specialists team within the Museum (currently one of the largest teams of zoologists from Romania) achieved or participated in the achievement of numerous studies related to biodiversity in various regions in the territory of Romania (Danube Delta, Danube waterside, South of Dobrogea, Maramureş, Banat, Romanian Plain, a number of mountain massifs from the Southern Carpathians – Ciucaş, Piatra Craiului, Făgăraş, Retezat, Jiu Strait) or abroad (Indonesia, Brazil, Island etc).

The specialists from the Museum perform both studies related to biodiversity (researches regarding the systematics, faunistics, ecology and zoogeography of various groups of invertebrates and vertebrates from the fauna of Romania and from the worldwide fauna) and also museology researches (studies related to the museum – public relationship and the social role of the Museum, modern modalities of display, modern techniques of conservation, restoration and naturalization, keeping records of the materials within the zoological collections etc).

The current research projects may be accessed on: Cercetare Antipa