EACEA Lifelong Learning Programme

Grundtvig Multilateral project

DIAMOND-Dialoguing Museums for a new cultural Democracy is a LLP funded project which will start in November with the aim of implementing pilot activities within scientific museums addressed to socially disadvantaged adults, using also ICT and focusing on the issue of impact measurement and evaluation.

It is planned and structured to:

  • Analyze museum education activities addressed to marginalized people and identify effective practice;
  • Train museum professionals in the use of ICT, with particular reference to Digital Storytelling (DS) as an effective method of engagement and involvement in museum activities;
  • Encourage museums to develop projects aimed at involving marginalized people, using also ICT (namely DS) as a tool of self-expression and communication;
  • Identify tools and methodologies to evaluate the social impact of museum activities;
  • Promote a greater appreciation of the role of scientific museums as a tool to engage adults and promote learning opportunities and social inclusion for disadvantaged groups .

It is structured into five phases:

1. Research into the personal and social benefits to marginalized people of engaging with scientific museums;

2. Training in DS addressed to museums professionals and to professionals operating in the social sector cooperating with the museums in the development of activities addressed to marginalized people;

3. Joint planning of museum education initiatives for adult people of different backgrounds, designed to be transferable and relevant to each of the participants’ own professional context (museums and/or social institutions/organizations). DS will be one of the tools used to encourage adults’ engagement and participation;

4. Dissemination through events (conference), Internet (website and social networks), leaflets and a video containing a selection of the stories told using DS and realized by museum/social professionals and people who participated in museum activities;

5. Exploitation through a Handbook in 4 languages and a Grundtvig training course addressed to 20 museum professionals/social workers.

You can find more information here

The first outcome of the project: “DIAMOND – Dialoguing Museums for a New Cultural Democracy Background research May 2013”:/uploads/attachments/558.pdf?1370598511

The partners of the project are:

Italia – Eccom Centrul European pentru organizare şi management cultural (coordonator)
Italy – MEP Melting Pro Laboratoio per la Cultura
Italy – Museo civico di Zoologia di Roma
Romania – “Grigore Antipa” National Museum of Natural History of Bucharest
Romania – “Ion Borcea” Natural Sciences Museum Complex of Bacau
Spain – Museo de Ciencias Naturales de Valencia