Constantin Motaş, Ph.D.



On the date of the 3rd March 1945, Constantin Motaş, the founder of the phreatic biology, a professor of zoology at the Faculty of Nature Sciences from Bucharest, was appointed a Museum director. He stayed in this position until the year 1949.

From 1949 and until the year 1956, professor Constantin Motaş was incarcerated by the regime in power at that time, being accused of « high treason and attempt to undermine the state order », while his title of Member of the Academy was withdrawn. In 1937 he had been elected as corresponding member of the Romanian Academy and in 1948 he became a full member of this prestigious institution.

During the period when he was the Museum director he made extensive efforts for the rehabilitation of the museum building that had been seriously damaged by the American and German bombing, he was assisted by dr. Mihai Băcescu, dr. Mircea Paucă and the engineer Theodor Dumitrescu.

During a first stage, the rehabilitation of the Museum building took place, as well as the recovery and reorganization of the scientific and public collections, repairs and restorations of dioramas and bio-groups. During the same period the museum conference hall was also arranged and the central hall on the ground floor of the museum was provided as it is currently seen: Deinotherium gigantissimum is installed here while “Antarctica” diorama is also arranged.

The fauna of Romania is separately displayed, in 5 rooms, and the public exhibition is improved through the introduction of new explanatory texts that are suggestively illustrated.