Gregoriu Ştefănescu, Ph.D.



He studied during 1858 – 1862 at the Sorbonne University from Paris, with the illustrious professors of the Faculty of Sciences as tutors. On his return to the country he was a teacher in the prestigious high schools from Bucharest Matei Basarab and Sf. Sava College for a short time.

Since 1864 he became a professor of geology and mineralogy at the University from Bucharest being also appointed, in the same year, as director of the Museum of Natural History, that was located at that time in the University building.

Gregoriu Ştefănescu is the one that discovered the skeleton of Deinotherium gigantissimum, the most valuable exhibit of the museum, that is displayed, at present, in the central hall.

In 1882 he established the Geology Office that was led by him. As leader of the Geology Office, Gregoriu Ştefănescu had the initiative to make the first geological map of Romania.

For his outstanding merits he was elected a member of the Romanian Academy.