Robert Ritter von Dombrowski



In 1895 Grigore Antipa employed Robert Ritter von Dombrowski as taxidermist, while he was also a passionate ornithologist.

It was due to him that the museum collections of birds from Romania were enriched, Dombrowski being also the specialist that prepared these items. Under the guidance of Grigore Antipa he would achieve the first dioramas of the museum.

His studies on the birds collection were materialized in the volume “Ornis Romaniae” (Bucharest, 1912), a reference work for the Romanian ornithology.

As taxidermist he prepared hundreds of exhibits, that were included in the show cases from the museum collection, being also the author of the scientific collection that includes more than 1000 skins belonging to bird species from the domestic and foreign fauna.

Dombrowski had been Grigore Antipa’s collaborator for 21 years, considerably contributing to the increase of the birds collections and the development of the permanent exhibition through the arrangement of new show cases.

He owned a company in Bucharest that sold animals being prepared for the museums worldwide.

At the end of the first world war he had to finally leave Romania.